The Colony at Nosara:  An Unsurpassed Luxury Experience in Costa Rica Real Estate

Imagine yourself living on the side of an untamed jungle mountain. Your modern eco-designed home fills you with feelings of contentment and restful satisfaction. The magnificence of your dramatic ocean and mountain peak views is the only thing that surpasses the luxury of your home.

You are here in Nosara for the same reasons that other ahead-of-the-curve adventure seekers came for 20 years ago: To discover your private haven where you experience a life immersed in the best Costa Rica has to offer. But this time around – there is no need to give  up creature comforts, while taking full advantage of the expansive growth in construction technology and architecture – This is the New Nosara. This is The Colony At Nosara.

Set on 140 jungle acres in the mountains north of Nosara, The Colony plans fifty luxury modern tropical homes. These are solely for those of you who love living in the biodiversity of the area. And in the world of Costa Rica luxury real estate, this master-planned neighborhood stands alone in its:

  • “green” architecture that  blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment.
  • plan for like-minded community members to share the tropical diversity of the area.
  • desire to make your Costa Rica life-dream come true.


Forget about the small slivers of  1/8th  acre properties on a dirt road that many other developments play up. Your grand state-of-the-art home perches on a secluded 2.5+ acres of lush Costa Rican jungle. There’s plenty of room for you to enjoy your own tranquil ‘bubble’ while being part of an active community-minded neighborhood.


The Colony at Nosara neighborhood presents:

  • An exclusive gated neighborhood near the Rio Montana in Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Nosara’s first community and neighborhood with paved roads.
  • 24 Hour Staffed guardhouse providing peace of mind.
  • Luxury homes nestled into the hillsides and on top of mountain peaks
  • Low-density development with the average property size of 2.8 acres of land
  • Underground utilities for aesthetics and protection against the elements

The Colony at Nosara homes boast:

  • Your very own personal sanctuary on the jungle hillside
  • Modern tropical designs with an Japanese hint and Costa Rican accents
  • Exquisite landscaping bringing a jungle paradise feel to your front door
  • Sliding-glass doors and huge floor-to-ceiling windows for  breathtaking views- some of ocean sunsets and all of beautiful mountain peaks
  • Bioclimatic cooling in all home designs
  • The most modern fully-equipped kitchens in the area for your gourmet tastes
  • Highest tech home security system via
  • Fully integrated internal stand-alone water systems

The Colony at Nosara lifestyle includes:

  • Enjoying the “green” common areas for you, your family and guests to share (gardens, community pool, clubhouse, walkways)
  • Living minutes away from white sand beaches and warm Pacific Ocean waters of Nosara to surf, swim, fish, and relax
  • Visiting Ostional Beach, famous as the site of the largest Sea Turtle “arribada” in the world and wide-open, black sand beaches
  • Attending a yoga session with trained yogis from the internationally acclaimed Nosara Yoga Institute
  • Satisfying your appetite with mouth-watering cuisine from unique cafes and the freshest catch of the day at the many legendary local restaurants
  • Being super close to the lifestyle activities that Nosara affords.
  • Living in a full-scale luxury neighborhood not found anywhere else in Nosara or surrounding areas

The Colony at Nosara’s powerful team of progressive builders and designers has created a development unrivaled in the area. 

dsc_0008This project is a partnership with consultant Scott Wilson, M.G. Shea, Radl Construction, and PS2.  The latter companies are well-respected painting and construction firms based in the Los Angeles area.  In addition, Stephen Radl has almost ten years experience building custom homes in the Nosara area. M.G. Shea comes from a family spanning five generations of home building and construction, with years of experience and expertise in large scale residential development projects. The resume of this development team goes above and beyond – if you are looking for US Standards of Quality in a home in Costa Rica – you have found it.

This master-planned community appeals to a very select group of homeowners.

Contact us now to open the door to your exclusive jungle retreat home!

The Colony at Nosara is located just minutes from Playa Guiones & Playa Pelada. However, its location also provides quick access to the beaches at Ostional and San Juanillo, two places that are not to be missed while spending time in this part of Costa Rica.

About Nosara:

Nosara is stunning jungle wildness and peaceful meditation places.

Nosara is surf, sand and sun along with mountain waterfalls and hiking trails.

Nosara is down-to-earth friendly plus upscale restaurants and neighborhoods.

Nosara is artists, yogis and healers living side-by-side with jet setters from around the globe.

Nosara has an enchanting tropical atmosphere that also offers comforts of home to whatever degree you desire.

Adventure seekers came to Nosara, twenty, thirty, forty years ago to settle in this slice of tropical heaven. The area is wrapped around several of the best beaches in the country. In 1962, an American investor began creating his vision called the “American Project.” The Americano Projecto was a 500-lot development with electric power, water systems and connecting roads. This is now the longest established American ex-pat community in Costa Rica. And that was just the beginning.

Nosara is in the Peninsula de Nicoya in the Pacific Northwest of Costa Rica. It includes the town of Nosara plus the beach areas of Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Playa Nosara. The first 250 yards from the coastline are protected so you won’t find high-rise chain hotels claiming these beaches. Yards of jungle brush, palm trees, green vegetation teeming with howler monkeys, iguanas and colorful birds buffer the sun-drenched beaches from civilization. The white sand invites you to laze all day (use your sunscreen). Or spend hours in the warm Pacific waters surfing, paddleboarding or just floating in bliss. And don’t miss the majestic orange-splashed sunsets that fill your senses almost every night.

Small Tico cottages and large ocean-view luxury homes share the Nosara hillsides and dirt roads. Discover the small boutique hotels, unusual shops, cozy cafes and outdoor restaurants serving creative cuisine and the freshest local catch of the day. Nosara has evolved with a unique individual blueprint that no other Costa Rican town can replicate.

Nosara’s tourist-friendly persona welcomes you to explore, play and relax amid the most vibrant tropical atmosphere you’ll encounter. Experience a thrilling zipline ride from one mountain to the next. Do your yoga practice in the Treetops Studio of the world acclaimed Nosara Yoga Institute. Surf the incredibly consistent surf break of Playa Guiones over 300 days a year. Horseback ride along low tide or nod off in a swaying hammock in the beach breezes. So many choices, not enough time.

Nosara had been under the radar for many Costa Rican travelers in the past, but with major articles in the New York Times, BBC, National Geographic Traveler and other widely read publications, the popularity of this magical destination is rising to the top of world travelers’ awareness.

You come to Nosara for the same reason that those other adventure seekers came years ago: to immerse yourself in the best tropical paradise in Costa Rica. But now you are not off the grid. You will live and revel in all the creature comforts you want as the new Nosara expands and grows into one of the smartest destinations for savvy travelers and investors.

About Ostional

Ostional Wildlife Refuge is a short drive north from Nosara. This is the setting of the largest, most magnificent “arribada” of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. Arribada is Spanish for “arrival” and it is just that. Thousands of female turtles come a week before the new moon to drag their heavy bodies up on the black, volcanic sand and lay their precious eggs.

The Ostional Wildlife refuge is one-mile of protected beach where the sea turtles nest over a five-day period many times a year.  The females deposit millions of eggs under the sand. About seven weeks later, baby turtles emerge and make their frantic way back to the sea. The local villagers, who take their role as “protectors of the turtles” very seriously, accompany the turtle hatchlings as they struggle to find their ocean home.

It used to be difficult to reach Osional. Only the hardy drivers with four-wheel, high trucks could make it through the river. Now a modern new bridge takes you to Ostional, making the trek delightfully easy.

Get yourself to Ostional to experience this “once in a lifetime” wonder of nature. As you stand on the beach amid hundreds of glorious sea turtles fulfilling their mass nesting instinct, or as you “protect” the babies back to their ocean destiny, you will be changed.  You will have participated in a major biological happening found nowhere else by in Ostional, Costa Rica.


About San Juanillo

Want to find the hidden gem of Costa Rica snorkeling? A little further north of Nosara and Ostional is the tiny, peaceful town of San Juanillo.

The most happening places in this laid back Costa Rican town are the beaches: San Juanillo beach and Venice Beach. And by happening, we mean tranquil turquoise colored waters where you can snorkel out a little ways to see the amazing underwater marine life.

You can also catch a ride on a local fisherman’s boat. They offer tours to see the Ostional turtles or the many dolphins and stingrays that frolic further out.

Take a solitary walk on this picturesque beach. Laze on the sand reading your newest favorite novel. Or spend all your time in the water, swimming eye-to-eye with colorful fish and underwater marvels.

Even though San Juanillo is off the beaten track, you can enjoy fresh ceviche, oven-baked pizzas and delicious Costa Rican foods at the local eateries.

Spend  quiet private or low-key family time in this hidden secluded paradise.